Sell Jewelry Online

Sell Jewelry Online

Valuables can save the day when there is a need to raise funds. Funds can be short for anyone of any economic status. Those who possess diamonds, watches, and valuable jewelry can raise funds very quickly with end buyers of luxury jewelry, diamonds and watches. This is a great method of selling jewelry and valuable stones online for more cash outs than any other method, such as the pawn shop, local jewelry store, or jewelry exchange. Thinking about liquidating valuables has never been less of an endeavor. Trustworthy, high end jewelry professionals are available to receive, appraise, price and purchase valuable possessions such as loose diamonds, precious stones, watches and jewelry in less than 48 hours.


Selling valuable jewels and jewelry on line

Selling valuable jewels and jewelry on line through a premier buyer of such high end luxury valuables invokes confidence and satisfaction from those who desire to sell their goods such as loose diamonds of .25-100cts in any shape, clarity, and color. These can be of no certification or certification. The diamonds can be chipped, colored, and even broken. Goods that are purchased by online jewelry buyers can be sold for values between $500 and $5,000,000. These will be luxury items such as diamond jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches and other diamond valuables.


Luxury Team Experts

The luxury buyer expert team is experienced to the highest level of when it comes to everything to do with diamonds, precious stones, and metals. The team of top notch expert luxury buyers hail from different selling, buying and appraising of luxury goods. his is a pastime that had continued for decades so that the current market is kept up with to make certain that the top dollar is being paid to those who use the services to sell their jewelry.



It is the particular intention that all jewelry appraisals are serviced with the highest level of authenticity, purity and attention to detail. This tact has built a flawless reputation that all who seek them are found to be treated with the utmost honesty. The online consumer will breath very easily with the risk free manner by which the luxury items are sold online.


Sold for Top Dollar

Some examples of the jewelry that is accepted and sold for top dollar by online buyers are designer jewelry by Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Company, David Yurman, to name a few. The types of precious stones accepted include Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds, Sapphires, Tanzanites and others. All the fine watches available are also appraised and sold by the professional buyers which include, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, IWC, Audermars Piguet, Breitling, Panerai and more.


Fine Lines Accepted

The valuable items that are sold and purchase by the online luxury buyers also include the fine lines of designer handbags of authentic quality and make. These would be those of Gucci from select lines, Louis Vuitton of several types, Chanel, Hermes Birkin, Limited Edition and Hermes Kelly. The valuables that are purchased after appraisal are also not limited to jewelry or designer handbags, but may include fine artwork, yachts, luxury cars, valuable memorabilia and even designer pens.


Better Than Local

Many will wonder and ask the question; 'How can these luxury online buyers pay top dollar, over a local jeweler?' The reasons can be shown to be obvious in some cases. One such case is that the local jeweler never is inclined to buy back anything he or she has sold for the full price that was initially paid by their customer. Even more likely, that jeweler or seller would not even have any interest in buying their sold items back. They certainly would not see any reason to pay top dollar for a ring they sold to a customer. They would see previously sold jewelry as passé and will consider it to be worthless to attempt to sell again. Should they find it in their interest to buy back any item they previously sold, they would only offer a fraction of the worth that their customer had paid which is probably less than the current market value. This way they can make some profit when they flip it around and sell again to a broker or professional buyer for quick profit. Putting it back in their store of used jewelry items might be a last resort so it is not very common to see this.


Market Value

Auction houses are not even as lucrative for seller of jewelry and other fine goods. The professional online buyer is capable of selling for more. Typically auctions are a good way to sell a valuable, however the drawback is that the commission will shrink from 40% down to as little as 15%. These fees cause the items to have a limited market value. This hinders the seller from claiming the highest and best price for the jewelry and undermines the true value of the items. This system will make it almost impossible to garner the proper, respectful value for the seller of the jewelry or valuables. Since these dealers face many sellers, it will also be very challenging to get top dollar for one such certified item. Still, these local professional jewelry buyers see a steal when it approaches. They are happy to broker deals that suit them best and grow more and more popular with the clients whether dealing directly or with other buyers of fine jewelry.


Any Condition

All types and conditions are accepted by any of the professional online line broker. They do accept chipped stones and gems, in particular, diamond. Broken diamonds are also accepted for sale. The team of experts will assess the value carefully and with many tests to determine the proper market value as they are also able to cut and repair the diamonds with chips, once they are accepted.


Steps to Sale

One can easily take advantage of this service by registering their items on line on the designated web site. There are preliminary quote is offered and this only takes about 24 hours. The next step is to ship the items for inspection. They are then to be assessed in value and the final offer consigned. The last step is acceptance of the offer made to the seller by the professional buyers and payment is made by bank wire or check. Full payment is made or if the offer is rejected for any reason, the item would then be shipped back in the condition it was received within two days time. It is fully insured by FedEx. Click on sell jewelry online for more details.